Government efficiency is an important indicator of national competitiveness. The ability of the civil service system to respond to changing times and institute reforms in the interest of national development is vital for the substantive elevation of government performance. Responsible for the formulation, deliberation, and planning of national civil service personnel policy, the Ministry of Civil Service (MOCS) is proactive in its efforts to improve and reform the civil service system. The main goal is to effectively enhance the quality of civil service, so as to build a clean, professional, and efficient government.

The Ministry of Civil Service under the Examination Yuan was established on Jan. 6, 1930. In accordance with the Organic Act of the Ministry of Civil Service and the MOCS Regulations for Departmental Affairs, the MOCS is headed by a minister, who is assisted by a political deputy minister, an administrative deputy minister, and a chief secretary. The ministry is further divided into six departments (Si), two departments (Chu), four offices, five committees, and one subordinate agency. 

Duties and Responsibilities
The MOCS exercises authority over legal matters related to civil service employment and discharge, performance evaluation, pay grade, promotion and transfer, and rewards and incentives. In addition, it is also responsible for civil service qualification screening, insurance, retirement, survivor relief, management of the Public Service Pension Fund, Pension and savings fund for public servants, incentives, and affairs of the civil servant association. For this reason, the MOCS is at the core of the government’s personnel administration system.

Policy Objectives
1.Formulate and promote major legislation to develop a comprehensive legal framework for personnel management.

2.Improve personnel staffing and regulations to facilitate more flexible use of human resources.

3.Establish a retirement safety net for civil servants with attention to social justice.

4.Integrate civil service information platforms to improve decision making quality,
5.Oversee pension fund investment performance to ensure sustainability.

Faced with an ever-changing environment, the Ministry of Civil Service will continue to move forward, review relevant personnel regulations, and further advance the civil service system to increase the people’s trust and confidence in the government. The MOCS will continue to strengthen the pension system, improve sustainable Pension Fund operation, and promote the individual account system to ensure the financial well-being of retired civil servants.


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