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小圖示Our station has no obstacle to design

  1. Webpage of this website, besides opening the webpage of the window separately, an English website's main example edition content is divided into four big blocks: 1)Resume in the linking area of the guide ,2)Main content area,3)Guide linking area on the right,4)Guide linking area of the bottom. This website offers convenient key (Accesskey), called the fast key too, in order to help the obstacle personage to use, establish it as follows:
  • Alt+U:Resuming in the linking area of the guide, this block is shown this website links relevantly.
  • Alt+L:On the Left guide person who link, block this is it look up that second-class classification , guide of linking area tabulate to link to show.(Except the site map )
  • Alt+R:Right Service windows and About Links.
  • Alt+C:Main content area of the webpage.


Examination Yuan of R.O.C
Ministry of Examination
The Republic of China Yearbook 2013
Ministry Of Civil Service ,Republic of China(Taiwan)
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